Hello, Bundanon

So, yesterday, most of the confirmed participants and facilitators of the Investigating Cross Cultural Borders Dance Lab arrived at Bundanon’s artist’s centre near Nowra, New South Wales, Australia. So far, we are made up of:

Margie Medlin and
Helen Martin of Critical Path

Leigh Warren as initial curator and Doris Dziersk as facilitator

Participants (in order of when I met them)
Simon Stewart
Cat Ruka
Rhiannon Newton
Latai Taumoepeau
Vicki Van Hout
Jerome Kugan
Fitri Setyaningsih and
Ron Reeves (Fitri’s interpreter)

and myself, Joelle Jacinto, militant observer 😉

After an induction by Richard Montgomery, site manager for the Bundanon artist’s centre, we had a lovely Welcome dinner together made up of delicious homecooked Thai dishes. Conversations immediately started to flow (in between shrieks of delight at the number of kangaroos who had come out to graze in the next meadow).

This morning, we are preparing to start introducing ourselves to each other, so that there is a sense of where each is coming from, though whether or not this exercise will be useful for the coming weeks remains to be seen.

For any initial queries, and if you are a participant who would like to contribute to this blog, please email me at joelle.jacinto@gmail.com.


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