Thursday, November 17, 2011

Leigh begins by asking everyone if they see any connections between the work everyone is doing, as presented in the introductions of the last two days. Vicki says she feels she has no purpose, and is just “faffing about.” She says she likes Fitri’s concept of becoming into the object, and has some intuitive images that she wants to set up, but no end.

Leigh quips, “Maybe you need a collaborator.”

Vicki also says that maybe she needs more time by herself to figure things out. When she’s with other people, she goes off, only when she’s by herself does she collect herself, and she’ll see how that will happen in the next few days.

Latai talks about the connection between Joelle’s magazine and Ly Ly’s lack of PR, not in an advertising sense, but in “the setting up of something, planting of seeds to radiate to a community larger than dance.” Latai also shares Cat’s feeling of decolonization, “Not just in physical manifeststions but spiritually and emotionally.”

Leigh shares his recent chat with Simon about commonalities among the participants. “They’re there,” he says, “It’s about giving yourself a chance to see the connections, the points of contact.”

The floor is opened to Doris’ activity, which is to stretch out a single line of string throughout the landscape. Before beginning, she comments that she feels this throwing the string to the others may have a connection to Rhiannon’s work.


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