Finding that rhythm

That’s a dance allusion, of course, but not necessarily what we’re going to do the rest of our stay here at Bundanon. It’s hard to believe that we’re about halfway through and we’ve still so much to do. After a nice warm up and movement exercise this morning care of Leigh Warren, Fu Kuen suggested we more or less have to figure out how to structure the next days. “The general sentiment is there’s too much time in the studio, talking. So, what do we do instead?”

Vicki suggested they start the night activities, night duffduff (what locals call a rave), but that’s “just some dancing in the trees with the lights moving.”

Cat suggests that there’s a couple of hours each day just going off alone or with a collaborator, which was established as Focus Time. Later, it was agreed that there should be a regroup after Focus Time, just to get all thoughts in.

Each participant voices out their initial ideas for experiments and projects and Latai lists them down on a large sheet of paper, then later arranges them into a concrete schedule. Among these ideas, Fu Kuen suggests a cooking project, where we pair up and the couple is responsible to create an intercultural dish, but working with what’s there.

This is what’s happening today:

10 am – Warm up and movement exercise (Dance Studio) – done
11:15 am – Lunch (communal kitchen) – done
1:30 pm – River sessions (river) – Jerome and Simon, Vicki, Cat
Sometime in the afternoon – Rest for the night activities
7  pm – Dinner (communal kitchen)
8pm – Night activities – Latai’s ice experiment take 2 (outside the Dance Studio) and Forest Duff Duff (in the forest with an abundance of trees)

At some points throughout the day, Latai will also see if we can work on her blue tarp project.



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