When I perform, I just want to really put myself out there

Intro – Cat
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To introduce herself, Cat Ruka did a pecha kucha, which is a Japanese exercise wherein 20 images are shown for 20 seconds each and Cat will explain each image within those 20 seconds.

Her first image is of a Maori princess looking into a river, but the image is dotted with stickers of smiley faces, a statement about the general perception of Maori culture and her supposed place in it. In succeeding images, there are statements about her relationship with her culture and country that’s very far from the first image. She includes images of her first solo, of her and her regular collaborator, an image she set up to describe her time in New York, of her and her students, and other postcards she made herself which symbolize her approach to her art and practice.

Through this short and quick flashing of images, one gets an immediate sense of Cat’s character and the nature of her dance practice, as well as a glimpse into her philosophies and political standpoint. The pecha kucha also successfully serves to give the observers the yearning to see more of Cat’s work, and keeping this conversation open.


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