Finding the river

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These photos are from Friday, November 18, our attempt to find the river after failing to find it last Tuesday. We almost also didn’t find the river again, but Margie’s determination saw us through.

At the river, which was more a happy respite from the confines of the Dorothy Potter dance studio, several ideas came dinging into people’s brains and the river inspired several ideas that people are working on, as we speak (they’re actually down at the river right now while I’m here blogging). Cat is working on a bunch of site specific photographs. Vicki is bringing her imposed objects to the river and trying to get a sense of how it works. Rhiannon is picking up examples of her architecture-drawing-movement relationships during the walks to and from the river and in the river itself.

Fitri has been planning to capture images/film of people standing still on the paddock, like trees, and suddenly (or slowly) dropping to the ground like falling timber, and the river inspired her to have the same kind of recording of imagery but in the river. Jerome asked everyone who would be interested to help record some percussion in the river (see images here).

Simon thought to push this further and discussed with Jerome if they could take some of the sand back to Bundanon artists center, in one of the visual arts studios where Jerome set up his recording gear. Last Saturday, November 19, they did their experiments with the sand, creating interesting sounds with moving sticks in the contained sand and with Ly Ly banging on a bottle of wine. Simon feels that it was also the act of taking the environment into the performance that was as important as making this music.


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