Happy one week, everyone!

So, it’s been a week since I’ve been here at Bundanon (as with most of us), and we’re still busy bees. Just now, it was Ly Ly’s turn to make dinner, preparing the infamous Vietnamese spring rolls, with Fu Kuen, Rhiannon and initiating Agnes Michelet into the dinner preparation. Helen didn’t make dinner at all tonight (as far as I know), because she had to bring Latai to the train station.

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Despite Agnes’ welcome presence, we can’t help note the absence of Leigh and Margie. Margie will be back tomorrow, but Leigh has gone back to work in Adelaide. He sent a short note for everyone through my email this morning:

…..hiya….miss you all already…..home and patting my pussycats ……heading to office soon …have filled out the wordpress thing again and will try posting soon…very big hugs to all
leigh x

We miss you too Leigh! You’ll be glad to know that Vicki had the visiting students from the Bundanon-education program dance in your honor, as rhinoceroses.


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