Bundanon Song (Connection)

This is a song I wrote about Bundanon and it was inspired by the activities and experiments we explored here in the past week or so. Some of the things we got up were extremely of their moment (LOL) and to explain them too much I think would b unkind to the bubble-like magic that buoyed us along. This was recorded in one of the artist’s studio spaces. Enjoy!


Bundanon Song (Connection)

Footsteps whisper along the trail
Fingers pulling on threads of red
Dance across the green
To the river to fall
Like trees

Tiny symbols on the ground
Turn to face the lens
Of so many eyes
Visiting, wandering
Looking for a sign

When we are gone from Bundanon
With some kind of phenomenon
Tracing our practices
In intersecting lines
Connection, connection

Bodies melting into the ice
Build a bower from the colour of
Blue summer skies
Crystalising in a memory
Of clouds

Brace yourself against the architecture
Of the land
Put a white face on
And stare down your history
Connection, connection

Here come the traffic
Here come the bull
Here come the plastic
Sense of what’s true

Here come the questions
Written in sand
Here come the drumming
Fingers of a man

Here come the wombat
Here come the poo
And light from a projector
Turning into you

And here come a song

Walking with torches to the sound
Of a language we don’t understand
Now that we’re bound
Across space and time
And spirit lines

Someday we’ll dream of Bundanon
Of Arthur and Yvonne
Painting the landscape
With energy
Connection, connection


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