Too late for Tea

This is officially my last post here in Bundanon. I believe I’ll still be blogging over the weekend as I have a list of blog entries on activities here that I haven’t posted up yet. But tonight was my last dinner here and this is my last entry, and when I shut down here I’ll be bringing this laptop (and all remaining personal belongings) to take the last wombat spotting trip with Helen and Doris on the way to Wisteria cottage, where we will sleep for one last time. Well, for this lab.

In the kitchen, Margie is supervising the emptying of the kitchen and Rhiannon is scrounging around the cupboards. “Too late for tea?” she asks, smiling.

Fu Kuen is moving around, asking people to “Finish the wines. Finish the nuts.” It is now a nice polite exchange between him and Margie to finish the wine: “Can lah.” “No can.” “Can not must can, lah.”

The day started out with music exercises headed by Jerome and attempting to use those exercises to create movement. I took a bunch of videos and will post them soon. It was also a day of file swapping, and sharing and just trying to get out of the cold. I’m pretty sure I will miss Bundanon. I don’t feel it yet, but hey look at the urgency to finish this blog entry.

See you all again when I get internet access.

My work area in Margie’s living room in Bundanon. I sit on the couch while Fu Kuen sits on the polka dot chair. I miss it already.

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