Bundanon Sound Machines

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jerome lead a vocal exercise on the morning of November 23, the last lab day at Bundanon, which began with a vocal warm up and then contrapuntal exercises that reminded me a lot of improv exercises but using the voice instead of the body. At a certain point, they were asked to choose one sound and were arranged in a circle. Jerome proceeded to conduct the choreographers: when he pointed at each one, they had to make that sound they chose, stopping only when Jerome pointed at someone else.

Cat decided she wanted to do the conducting also, integrating dynamics and piling on the textures. This is a video of her orchestral experiment:

Jerome then asked everyone to try out movement with their sound of choice, or whatever sound they fancied, just to get a feel for how the sound they make shares their physical impetus. That is captured here. And no that sound is not an angry wombat, it’s just Vicki.

Soon, Jerome started to play electronic dance music, urging everyone to keep experimenting with movement and sound, and adding other sounds if they wished. As the others took their time warming up to the idea, you could see Simon and Rhiannon start to really get into it. What I found interesting was how they didn’t easily take to the “dance music.” They would also regularly forget to use sound with their movements as you might notice:

Disco time. With some violent animal possession care of Vicki Van Hout.

And, that’s all she wrote. Thanks, kids, I had a marvelous time. xoxo – Joelle


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One response to “Bundanon Sound Machines

  1. hiya from adelaide
    ….the last music session looked a lot of fun……wish i could have been there….have reflected on many many moments of my time with you all…..and it continues to make me consider more deeply anything i begin….
    …i’m sure with time ….our paths will cross and i look forward to that very much….big womabt hugs leigh x

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